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Autumn Customer Day at KRONEN: Friday, 23 September 2016

Kundentag_GS10TTS_26.Sept2014_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Please mark this date already now:

On Friday, 23 SEPTEMBER 2016

we organize a


at our facilities in Kehl am Rhein.

This autumn customer day is held traditionally every 2 years and it is the opportunitiy for all customers and interested parties to visit our various and modern processing opportunities for lettuce, vegetables and fruit.

In addition to an attractive accompanying programme (already on the eve of 22nd September as well as the 23rd September), we will present our powerful range of services. Including many new developments with appropriate applications and also special solutions from our system partners.

For more details please download our invitation card incl. fax reply (pdf).

Invitation KRONEN Customer Day 23 September 2016:

KRONEN contributes to climate protection

Herkunftsnachweis_Ökostrom_2016 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Kronen places particular attention on ensuring quality and sustainability of its machines and projects manufactured in Kehl - based on a commitment to a healty environment.

Since the beginning of 2013 we converted to climate-neutral energy sources - "Green electricity from hydropower".

We, therefore, take an active part in climate protection and conservation of natural resources.

Kronen GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik donates 3000 euros to SOS Children's Village.

Spendenübergabe_SOS_Kinderdorf_bearb. | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


For many years, the KRONEN staff and management support on a regular base "their" SOS Children's Village in Sulzburg in the Black Forest region. This year, the joy of a donation of 3000 euros was particularly large.

On 5 July 2016, the donation was handed over by KRONEN managing directors Rudolf Hans Zillgith and his son Stephan Zillgith to Karin Schäfer, director of SOS Children's Village Sulzburg. Mrs. Schäfer was very impressed with the generous donation and expressed her thanks on behalf of the children and young people. "The donation will be used for the construction of a new building. We are pleased that we can again actively support the SOS Children's Village in Sulzburg and a further familiy can move soon into a new house", so the matching statement of both gentlemen Zillgith.

Installation photovoltaic system

KRONEN Photovoltaikanlage 2016 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The company KRONEN supports customers and employees to use energy as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. The management of KRONEN GmbH has planned large investments of 800.000 Euros this year. The production will be optimized with the program ,,Value stream 2018".

  • A total of 377 modules were installed
  • Module surface totally: 630 m²
  • Plant size: 99 kWp
  • The installation will generate approx. 95.000 kWh - which is equal to the energy requirements of around 100 households
  • KRONEN currently meets 50 % of its energy needs through the photovoltaic solar system

As an integral part of this approach, the acquisition of modern sheet metal processing machines is intended to increase the manufacturing depth. Therefore, five new jobs were created and the office premises were expanded. By investing in a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 99 kW in conjunction with a solar charging station for electric vehicles, KRONEN is sending out another signal for an eco-friendly and sustainable production. With the installation of the solar station, customers and employees of KRONEN can refuel their electric vehicles free of charge.

NEW: GEWA Washing machines with UVC water disinfection system

GEWA3800VECO-UVC_cascade_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Latest development from Kronen:

GEWA Washing machines with integrated UVC water disinfection system

The subject of hygiene plays an important role in the production facilities of the food industry. Kronen offers a new hygiene highlight with the sophisticated washing technology of the GEWA washing machines for industrial use in industry, catering and commercial kitchens:

Via a built-in UVC reactor, the wash water is permanently disinfected and returned as UVC treated process water.

For this purpose, the market-proven UV components of company sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden) are in use, which meet the high demands of the food industry.

For a market-leading customer in Germany, the trading company M.S.G. Frucht GmbH in Maintal, 2 washing machines GEWA 3800V ECO are manufactured in a cascade setup (pre- and main washing) with a new UVC water disinfection system.

Since 2009, M.S.G. belongs to the Compass Group Germany providing their businesses nationwide as a central fruit and vegetable supplier with exclusive fresh products from the region.

With this innovative Kronen GEWA washing line, salads and herbs, vegetables and fresh-cut products are washed thoroughly and carefully in a continuous flow process (without mechanical immersion). In addition, the washing machine is equipped with an insect & fines removal system (motorized drum).

Also, chilled fresh water is added through the shower pipes above the vibration deck via an on-site cooling connection. This chilled water will be returned to the water cycle of the GEWA, thus ensuring a continuous refresh of existing water in the GEWA wash tank.

The use of the UVC reactor serves in particular the prevention of cross-contamination, ensures higher process reliability and allows a reduction in the amount of water used.

Details and functional description of the UVC reactor:

By default built-in pumps in the washing machine, the process water is pumped completely through the UVC reactor. The overall performance is 60 m³/h circulation for a water volume of about 750 liters. This is equivalent to a 80fold theoretical passage of all wash water per hour, or 80 UVC treatments per hour.

The UVC reactor is connected to the washing machine by a fixed piping, ensuring the return of disinfected water in the wash tank.

The intensity of UVC reactor is perfectly matched with the capacity of the pumps and the water cycle thus works continuously.

The UVC reactor consists of 6 ET tubes, which are operated economically via 3 ballasts with an exemplary low energy consumption. These ET modules are equipped with a counter of ignition, the tubes are designed for 12000 ignitions or 12000 operating hours.

For cleaning and exchange, the UVC tubes are easily removable, this guarantees a high maintainability.

Basically each GEWA machine can be equipped or retrofitted with an UVC reactor. Upon request, the UVC reactor can be provided for test purposes.

Technical specification GEWA 3800V ECO:

  • Voltage - 400V 50Hz 3Ph
  • Total power - 5.6 kW
  • Measures LxBxH - 3830 x 1280 x 1540 mm
  • Volume - 745 l

Iceberg – up to 700 kg/h

Spinach – up to 500 kg/h

Parsley – up to 300 kg/h

Iceberg – up to 700 kg/h

Spinach – up to 500 kg/h

Parsley – up to 300 kg/h

Review: Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin

FruitLogistica2016_Messestand_14_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Fruit Logistica in Berlin (3-5 February 2016) is one of the most important meeting places for salad, vegetable and fruit processors. A wide audience used the annual event to gain a comprehensive overview of the market and to learn about the latest trends.

On this year's Kronen booth visitors experienced a large and varied offer of the Kronen machine program. Especially the live demonstrations of the many new developments with customer-oriented applications and solutions encountered keen interest and led to a very positive feedback.

The attractive Kronen exhibition area was also a successful result of synergy between Kronen and its cooperating partners JFPT Foodlife, ZTI Mechatronics and GKS packaging.

The culinary specialities – freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner – proved to be another crowd-puller. Some of the delicious recipes have been published in the previous annual Kronen calendars.

A large number of trade visitors were especially interested in the Kronen novelties:

1. UVC-Lock Germ reduction lock

… has been developed for surface disinfection of packaging materials such as boxes, crates, tools, etc. in close cooperation with the Swiss company sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden).

Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.

The UVC-Lock is equipped with the latest UVC technology (hybrid tubes of sterilAir®) and thus combines the high demand for sturdiness, flexibility and easy maintenance.

An adequate microbiological sterility of packaging materials and storage containers is one of the most important prerequisites for the durability and hygiene of foodstuffs especially in the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industry.

The UVC treatment with sterilAir® components disinfects safely and reliably: without heat, undesirable additives, residues and within a very short time.

The DNA of germs is destroyed by the UVC treatment, i.e. contact and smear infections can be prevented effectively.

Benefits are obvious:

  • Drying of containers (such as after spray disinfection) is no longer necessary.
  • The UVC-Lock is best suited for application in between two separate rooms, e.g. low and high care areas..
  • All materials in the size range of 50 x 50 x 20 mm up to 550 x 300 mm can gently be moved through the UVC-Lock. Thanks to the efficient arrangement of the UVC tubes, an almost complete radiation area is guaranteed.
  • The fully enclosed UVC-Lock housing with cover is made of stainless steel and guarantees the safe use of UVC radiation.
  • The intuitive color touch screen has a user-friendly interface.
  • Long UV emitter replacement intervals and exemplary low energy consumption underline the economic efficiency of the system. Due to their very low emitter temperature, sterilAir® UV components are ideally suited for the treatment of heat-sensitive products.
2. KWT 16 Weighing table & pedestal with a single head weigher for packaging machines

This pedestal includes a single head weigher for the ergonomic weighing and filling in conjunction with a GKS packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350. Different products such as vegetables, fruit, salads, baked goods, raw vegetables, sweets (also non-food products) can be weighed, filled and packaged in representative bags.

The stainless steel pedestal is adapted to the height of the packaging machine and is equipped with safety borders and railings. The mixing table with the integrated single head weigher is arranged in ergonomic height and easily accessible by stairs. The large weighing container with a 16 liter volume is perfectly suited to the weighing of all leaf salads, i.e. Lollo Bionda up to 1 kg.

The packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350 thus can easily and functionally be filled and operated from the above.

3. Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker (ZTI Mechatronics)

… peels the mango and removes the „cheeks“ in one cycle. Once the fruit has been positioned the machine takes the mango by the stone and it passes through the peeling and destoning stations.

The mango is a very tender fruit and so demands special care in processing. Conventional peeling methods fail to provide the desired result, as the fruit is often damaged. Due to the unique processing method, the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker holds the fruit not on the outside, by the fruit, but by the stone.

During the subsequent peeling process the mango is peeled along the fruit. The result of this peeling method offers an “appearance to hand-peeled”, clean and smooth surface of the fruit. After peeling, the mango is de-cheeked, i.e. divided into two halves. This unique processing method increases the shelf-life of the product.


'From Preparation to Packing - KRONEN does it all' - new information brochure

Gesamtprospekt_Maschinenprogramm_Ausstellungsraum_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Hot of the press: we proudly present our new KRONEN brochure!

This clearly structured booklet contains all the information you need to know about us, our machines and solutions. Also, important references can be found there.

Simply contact us: we gladly will send you a personal copy. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of the brochure from our download-area, click here:


We wish you much fun when browsing and reading!

Anuga Food in Cologne: We were there!

AnugaFood_Koeln2015_1_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


September & October are traditionally strong fair months for Kronen. Anuga Food in Cologne is one of eleven exhibitions on which we were represented - and that on almost all continents:

  • Santiago de Chile, FOOD & SERVICE (1.-4.09.2015)
  • Rimini, MACFRUT (23.-25.09.2015)
  • Las Vegas, PACKEXPO (28.-30.09.2015)
  • Vigo, CONXEMAR (5.-7.10.2015)
  • Moscow, AGROPRODMASH (5.-9.10.2015)
  • Moscow, AGROTECH (7.-10.10.2015)
  • Cologne, ANUGA FOOD (10.-14.10.2015)
  • Beijing, CHINA FOODTECH (19.-21.10.2015
  • Atlanta, PMA FRESH SUMMIT (23.-25.10.2015)
  • Dubai, GULFOOD (27.-29.10.2015)
  • Madrid, FRUIT ATTRACTION (28.-30.10.2015)

Trade visitors from all over the world experienced our machines in operation, obtained comprehensive information about our complete assortment and benefited from the expert advice of our exhibition team.

Something we are particularly pleased about: The very good response and the big interest especially at the Anuga Food (as one of the most important trade fairs for the food industry) were gratifying. We presented a wide range of our machines, enabling visitors to understand how to optimize such production line processes: from trimming and sorting, cutting, washing, dewatering and drying up to packing the products - everything from a single source.

Interested visitors and customers took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive & competent information about the Kronen processing technology with cost-saving automation possibilities.

We would like to thank the numerious visitors for their high level of interest and the constructive conversations.

KRONEN Corp. USA moves to Madison/WI

KronenCorp_Madison_F_o_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


From 1 September 2015, our US subsidiary KRONEN Corp. in Cohoes/NY has moved to new premises in Wisconsin. After the founding in 2011 a successful development has built up in the KRONEN Corp. under the leadership of William (Bill) Creitz. Actually, Bill has left the company to enjoy his retirement. For this reason the restructuring of the company along with the move was necessary.

We thank Bill at this point for his many years of successful service for the Company.

When selecting a suitable successor the prime focus was on the ongoing development of customer relations with expanded service offerings.

For this reason, we have transferred the new management of the US subsidiary to Russell (Russ) Quandt. He is supported by Geoffrey (Geoff) Norton (inside sales manager) and Terry Heintz (service engineer). We are pleased that Geoff with his years of experience from the partnership with William (Bill) Creitz stands for continuity and we could win him for this important task and further cooperation, associated with the move to Madison.

Russ maintains a high level of food processing and packaging expertise due to his extensive experience with manufacturing operations. For over 26 years, Russ has successfully marketed equipment and systems tailored to a wide variety of food applications.

We are pleased to be well positioned with Russ Quandt and his team of skilled professionals to support our U.S. customers.


4174 Commercial Avenue

Madison, Wisconsin 53714

Phone: +1 518 326 4373

Fax: +1 518 326 4376

E-Mail: kronen@kronencorp.com


International seminar 'Freshcut processing' in Colombia

Seminar-Agroalimentaria_Kolumbien_Jul2015-6 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


International Seminar on Fresh Vegetables Processing took place for the first time in Latin America on 9 July 2015.

Organized and produced by KRONEN and the very valuable help of KRONEN distributor JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS in Colombia, this full day activity Seminar took place on July 9 at the Corferias Center in the capital city of Bogotá.

55 visitors from all around the country and the whole of Latin America came to this meeting to learn about new technologies and tendencies in the fresh cut market.

Juan Esteban Ocampo, KRONEN machinery sales manager at JUAN NEUSTADTEL hosted this event which took place in a comfortable meeting area, and introduced the three presentations:

  • "Vegetable processing" - Speaker Paul Woodward from Spain:

    The participants benefited at Paul Woodward's lecture especially from his decades of experience in the English and Spanish market.

  • "Longer shelf life by better processes and packaging" - Speaker Mariano Pereyra from Chile:

    In this topic, Mariano Pereyra could incorporate much of his experience from a long process of change at one of the largest processors in Chile.

  • "Machinery and technologies" - Speaker Juan Lindmayer (KRONEN Export Area Manager) from Uruguay:

    Juan Lindmayer gave valuable insight and assistance to the development of successful processing.

After these interesting lectures, seminar participants visited the booth of JUAN NEUSTADTEL at trade fair EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA. There they experienced LIVE presentations of various KRONEN machines: GS 10-2 Belt cutting machine, KUJ V Dice, strip & slice cutting machine, KSM 100 Vegetable cutting machine, K50-100 S Spin dryer.

On the following day, many of the international participants took the opportunity for an exchange of first-hand information and visited local producers working with KRONEN processing lines.

Young entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan visited KRONEN

gizKasachstanBesuch_SZ_KUJV_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


On 8 June 2015, a group of visitors from Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan on behalf of the giz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) was guest at Kronen.

Economic cooperation aimed between small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and Central Asia was the important topic of this Germany trip of the young entrepreneurs mainly from the agricultural sector.

Managing Director Stefan Zillgith presented the company Kronen, as well as special topics like E.g. "marketing concept of Kronen" and "New trends in vegetable processing and innovation management" in his short speech.

After that the guests gained an initial insight into the company on a tour of the plant, also some machines for the processing possibilities for salad, fruit and vegetables were presented live.

Dr. Sabine Kübler: Successful doctoral dissertation with support by KRONEN

Dr.Kuebler_Dissertationsarbeit2015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Dr. Sabine Kübler finalized her doctoral dissertation on the subject "Assessment of Innovative, Industrially Applicable Processing and Sanitizing Methods for the Production of Fresh-Cut Lettuce and Chicory" with support of KRONEN gaining her doctorate at the University of Hohenheim.

Quote: "Thanks to the employees of Kronen Nahrungsmittel GmbH, in particular to Mr. Eric Lefebvre and Mr. Stephan Zillgith for the successful cooperation and for their great level of commitment in terms of salad processing."

The doctoral dissertation of Dr. Sabine Kübler is published by Shaker Verlag, Aachen. If you are interested in this book please feel free to contact us.

High capacity vegetable processing line in Italy

Ghisetti_Linie_Personenl_M_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Company GHISETTI based in northern Italian Badia Polesine has recently purchased a new processing line handling potatoes up to 800 kg per hour.

Ghisetti is a long-established and large fruit & vegetable trading company. Quality, freshness and service: These are the cornerstones of the Ghisetti brand for 130 years. Their product portfolio includes cleaned, ready-cut and vacuum-packed vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, corncobs - as well as potatoes in different shapes and various packing sizes.

In the course of increased demands, Ghisetti decided to produce and process products on its own and on site. The company wants to be faster and closer in the market for pre-cooked, vacuum-packed products. In addition, Ghisetti will expand its product range with various other kinds of vegetables. Therefore, a new facility has been built to make room for the new KRONEN high capacity processing line.

This production line has been projected in close cooperation with enterprises FORMIT and EKKO for destoning, peeling, washing potatoes and other vegetables. Then, after these processing steps the products are transferred to the suitable cutting machine - depending on whether dices or slices are required.

This processing line is part of a complete KRONEN vegetable production line consisting of GEWA washing machines, cutting machines and suitable conveyor belts.

Individual elements of the potato processing line are:
  • Hopper belt for filling with potatoes or other vegetables
  • Destoner for removal of coarse dirt and stones
  • Scale for optimal feeding of the peele
  • Combi 1000 Peeling machine and excentric screw pump for waste transpor
  • Drum washing machine for removal of peel and starch
  • Wasserbunkerband
  • Roller sorting table and return conveyor belt in the knife area of the peeler, for potatoes to be re-peeled. Thereby, automated processes take less time and need less manpower for sorting and end cleaning.
Peeled potatoes will then be transferred directly onto a KRONEN cutting machine, either to
  • a KUJ V dicing machine, for precise dices or to
  • a GS 10-2 Belt cutting machine, for clean and perfect slices..

If the potatoes (or other vegetables) do not have to be cut they can be placed directly onto a conveyer belt. Moreover, both cutting machines offer the big advantage of being mobile and they are, therefore, extremely flexible and can be used at different locations along the line.

Looking back: ANUGA FoodTec, Cologne

KRONEN GmbH at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Tomato Robot Station | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Anuga FoodTec (24 -27 March 2015) in Cologne was a further successful exhibition milestone. We are pleased with the positive feedback that we receive from our customers: The trade fair as a meeting place served as a welcome platform to get know each other, for exchanging experiences and ideas and, of course, presentation of our machine portfolio:

We showcased our novelties:
  • Robot station for tomato processing, consisting of 5 interlinked main components: roller inspection table, cutting machine PGW, image processing system, robot and grip system. Tomatoes are inspected and separated at the roller inspection table and transported to the robot station. Thereon, the tomatoes are detected and selected by the image recognition system which precisely calculates the coordinates of the gripper mounted on the robot. The tomatoes will be gripped by the robot one by one and placed orientated onto the cutting machine PGW where will be cut into perfect and equal slices.
  • GEWA XL washing machine offering optimal washing results for larger quantities of vegetable, salad and fruit. This machine is an outcome of the RESFOOD project (www.resfood.eu/web/) which was showcased at the ANUGA FoodTec 2015 for the first time.

    Objectives of the RESFOOD-project: › Guaranteed dwell time of 45 secs › Sand trap, insect removal system, filter screen › Energy efficiency by optimized water flow › Lower water consumption during washing and spraying › Due to optimized spraying no organic residues on the products, thereby improving durability of the product › Drier product due to belt dewatering

  • AMS 220 pinapple & melon peeling machine for peeling (regardless of the products contours) various fruit such as pineapples, melons of all kind, pumpkins with a smooth surface
The broad-based and competent portfolio of KRONEN is evidenced by the new business sector “KRONEN SYSTEMS” with an objective of pooling the high level of competence of a group of experts in developing complex solutions for automation and rationalization of food processing technologies. Findings and experiences of this group will be processed in a targeted manner and constantly crosschecked and tuned to the research results of the leading European institutes and renowned research organizations for the food processing technology. KRONEN customers shall be integrated more and more in the implementation of joint research projects in order to benefit as direct application users from the new technologies. This group is open for food technology experts in all areas of industry, research and development.

Looking back: Fruit Logistica 2015

FruitLogistica2015_Messestand | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Also this year we are looking back to a very successful Fruit Logistica. Demand for our Kronen machines for the salad, vegetable, fruit processing industry is growing constantly, and we are proud of that! This is mainly due to investments in development of new products as well as pursuing a consistent company strategy.

In addition to the well proven range of machines Kronen showcased its novelties, together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT Foodlife and ZTI-Mechatronics :

  • AMS 220 pineapple & melon peeling machine specialized to peel fruit in a great variety of different shapes and sizes

  • GDM 35 grape destemmer for automatic destemming of grapes, without damaging the grapes.

  • CP 350 packaging machine for packing of all types of free-flow and pasty food and non-food products.

  • FlowDry 1500 for de-watering hard vegetables
The visitors expressed a keen interest in the integrated solutions we offer and attested excellent technical expertise and professionalism.

As a special highlight, the Kronen stand visitors enjoyed culinary delights freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner. The recipes of these delicacies have already been published in our Kronen annual calendar 2015.

Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation has become a delicious experience for eyes and palate!

We would like to thank all our visitors for the interesting dialogues at the fair and look forward to implement new challenges in cooperation with our customers!

Strong presence at Russian trade fairs in Moscow

Messe_Agroprodmash_S.Zillgith_Okt2014_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Almost at the same time two important trade fairs Agroprodmash and Golden Autumn were held in Moscow (6.-10. / 8.-11. Okt.2014).

At both exhibition places we presented ourselves with our own attractive booths.

„We offered an overview of our KRONEN product portfolio to the very interested vistors. We are happy about the positive response and the opportunity of establishing new contacts but also cultivating and developing existing customer relations, " says Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director.

Many thanks to all visitors at our KRONEN customer day!

Kundentag_AMS220_26.Sept2014_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director, and his KRONEN team, were able to welcome more than 170 visitors from over 30 countries all over the world to the KRONEN customer day on 26 September 2014 and the International KRONEN Representative Conference (24 + 25 September 2014).

The overall high popularity from the domestic and international customers reflects that KRONEN is on the right track with its concept of LIVE demonstrations of their various processing opportunities for lettuce, vegetable and fruit. Visitors have been very interested to follow the machine highlights and innovative solutions for the fresh-cut area.

"We support our customers with machines and technologies tailored precisely to their tasks. In addition, we involve cooperative partners who are experts in their field. In this way, we offer our clients customised, safe solutions with the greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness," explains Johannes Günther, Sales Director of KRONEN. Therefore, competent system partners of KRONEN presented their novelties and products, e.g. packaging technology.

Perfect autumn weather and interesting encounters and conversations in a relaxed atmosphere completed this successful event.

We are very grateful to all our partners and guests for this felicitous day - thank you!

New KRONEN-Website goes ONLINE!

Webseite_Relaunch_SZ-IngoU_22Sept2014 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN presents its newly modified and clearly structured website with its extensive offers and expanded features!

The new website operates with a "responsive web design" that fit multiple screen sizes of mobile devices. This means, in particular, the flexible and optimal adaption to e.g. smart phones, tablet PC, and other.

All important facts and information about our products are available for download, such as technical data, videos, brochures, etc.

The practical product finder tool allows you to get the right combination of machines and devices for almost every application. And those who want to can register easily for the KRONEN newsletter.

Company UST GmbH, Berghaupten-Germany, was entrusted with the professional implementation of the new, even more attractive KRONEN website.

The picture shows Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen (on the right side) and Ingo Ullrich, Managing Director of UST (on the left side) releasing the new KRONEN website - at the push of a button.

Bell pepper processing on a large scale!

GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_M_o_rgb4 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_Vibrationssieb- mitPaprikad_o_rgb1_27010.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_R_rgb2_27043.png&w=220&h=2200


„Two in one sweep“

A major order of a renown European customer constitutes a further milestone at KRONEN’s success story:

KRONEN engineers developed an automated bell pepper processing line according to specific customer’s requirements, consisting of two (2) GEWA 5050V PLUS Bell Pepper washing machines with integrated transport systems.

Up to 7 tons/h raw product can be processed (= approx. 5 - 5,5 tons good product). The processing line will become operational already in June 2014.

These machines have been specially designed for WASHING & SORTING sliced bell pepper (completely cut with core and kernels). One of the key features is an automatic separation method allowing different kinds of bell pepper (diced or sliced) to be processed.

By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs:

  1. Light parts (core and „white parts“) drift on the surface of the water and are discharged by a link conveyer
  2. Heavy parts (kernels) fall to the bottom and are discharged through the sand trap funnels
  3. Good product is discharged by the vibration outfeed for further processing
The automatic bell pepper processing line consists of:
  • A mobile infeed conveying system (30°) linked with a horizontal shuttle conveyor which allows either one or both machines to be feeded
  • Sand trap funnel for paprika seeds: This sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured
  • Lateral fines removal drum
  • Exchangable vibration sieves with various perforations (5, 8 und 15 mm)
  • Integrated outfeed belts for good procts as well as waste
  • Modern control technology, by means of a central switch box both machines can be controlled separately and all infeed & outfeed belts can be connected individually
  • And many more features…

Invitation: Customer Day at GKS Packaging b.v. - 14 JUNE 2014

Invitation_GKS-CustomerDay_14June2014_news | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


We herewith invite all our customers and interested parties to the CUSTOMER DAY on 14 June 2014 at the premises of our cooperation partner GKS Packaging b.v. at Son, Netherlands.

GKS will introduce their new machine platform and show you several important recent developments which will give our customers the benefit in the years to come!

No better way to do this while enjoying good food, drinks, music and an exhilarating high speed car rally. During the evening the time trials of the final race of the national rally championship is held on Ekkersrijt, the industrial park where GKS is situated.

Even better, the circuit passes GKS company and we guarantee the best view from the VIP deck !

Please inform us of your attendance before the 1st of June. You can do this and even ask for further information (agenda, etc.) by sending an email to info@kronen.eu.

Sensitive handling of vulnerable products...

GEWA5050BSPLUS_BandaustragTrocknung_R_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Strawberries belong undoubtedly to one of those fruit which need to be treated & washed extremely gently.

Actually, our Kronen engineers met these challenges by developing creative features at a GEWA 5000 washing machine for a Portuguese customer. This frozen fruit & vegetables producer is one of the most important European actors in the frozen vegetable sector. Acting quick and efficiently are basic guidelines and, therefore, they have invested in an automated machine park.

The KRONEN GEWA 5000 washing machine is an important component of this automation process: Up to 2 tons of fresh strawberries - and other products such as tomatoes - are washed per hour.

The machine is specially designed for gentle, continuous washing followed by a combined suction/blowing unit on the belt outfeed.

First, the height-adjustable DRYING/BLOWING UNIT (1) is drying the upperside of the strawberries (and other products), from a vertical position.

The SUCTION UNIT (2) removes all the water that is caught in the mesh belt and also reduces the water content from the lower surface of the strawberries coming from the washer. This feature enables a significant reduction of water diversion to subsequent processing steps.

An additional BLOWING UNIT (3) installed below the belt removes residual small-parts.

By means of this gentle washing & drying procedure the strawberries - and any other products - are ideally prepared for further processing (in this case: shock freezing).

Further highlights of this machine are the KRONEN Water-Management-System (WMS = centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machines) with 3 sand trap funnels as well as a lateral fines removal drum.

Looking back: Fruit Logistica 2014

FruitLogistica2014_Messestand_GS10-2_GS20_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Also this year, the great importance of Fruit Logistica 2014 (5 - 7 February, Berlin) has been fully confirmed for Kronen. A large number of interested visitors took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive and competent information about the machines which have been demonstrated live.

Together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT foodlife und ZTI Mechatronics many conversations were conducted with domestic and international customers and interested parties. This shared network offers a lot of synergy gains and cost savings opportunities.

As a special highlight Kronen presented its multipurpose slicing machine GS10-2. This belt cutter not only appears in a new look but also impresses with its high-performace technology and substantial functions. For more information, click at following link.

In the second year on the row, visitors had been spoiled by culinary delights - freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner.

Both chefs created exquisite meals with seasonal ingredients which already had been published in our own Kronen annual calendars 2013 and 2014. A great variety of these recipes had been presented live.

Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation became a delicious cooking experience!

We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin next year!

Сноска: GS10-2


GrapesDestemmer_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


We show at Fruit Logistica in Berlin:

The innovative Grapes Destemming machine ZTI

The grape destemming machine is the first machine to remove grapes neatly and carefully automatically from their stalks. Grape bunches are placed at the top of the machine. It then neatly loosens the grapes from the stem in a rolling motion without damage to the fruit, and places them gently onto the conveyor belt below, where personnel can visually control the finished product.

Output is three to five times higher per person than manual operations. Depending on the variety and quality of the grapes, one machine can process up to 240 kg per hour.

The Grapes Destemmer is nominated for the "FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2014" !

NEW: KSM 100 KRONEN salad & vegetable cutting machine!

KSM100_CUCUMBER_f_rgb_News.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The new KSM 100 salad & vegetable cutting machine has been already on show at ANUGA in Cologne this year. It gave an impressive performance and demonstrated many benefits:
  • Perfectly suited for cutting vegetables, salads as well as harder fruits
  • Big cutting door with two infeed openings for every requirement:

    • Big opening for products like cabbage, leafy vegetable and broad leaf endive

    • Small opening for long products such as cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, radishes, etc.

  • Great variety of cutting tools and accessories
  • A newly designed scraper can be used with all knives
  • All cutting tools can be changed easily and very quickly

Сноска: More Information

KRONEN Customer Day in Chile

KundentagChile_Sept13-5 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Customer day in CHILE:

On the occasion of a Customer Day at KRONEN agency MULTIVAC (Chile) on 25 September 2013, customers and experts from Argentina and Chile came together. An attractive programme with lots of tips and information has been offered to the visitors:

  • Presentations of Multivac, Bizerba and KRONEN, which complement one another with their range of products offering sophisticated customer solutions from “top to toe”.
  • Presentation and demonstration of the vertical form, fill & seal machine CP 300 (convincing by its versatility and compact design) and other KRONEN machines by Johannes Günther, Sales Director of KRONEN.
  • Presentation and discussion about the latest findings regarding the processing of freshcut products by Juan Lindmayer, KRONEN Area Sales Manager Latin America.
  • Visit to a new processing company providing 40 t of product to hotels & restaurants as well as catering, guided by Cristian Ibacache (Product Manager KRONEN, Multivac Chile).
  • At the end, there was a lively exchange of information and opinion, accompanied by culinary creations of Giancarlo Mazzarelli, wellknown head chef of the restaurant Puerto Fuy (Santiago de Chile).

Сноска: Multivac Chile

ANUGA 2013: The new KRONEN dipping bath KDB 120 !

KDB_Apfelsegmente_D_o_rgb3 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents its new KDB 120 dipping bath at Anuga in Cologne:

The new KDB 120 dipping bath has been developed for final treatment of peeled or cut fruits or vegetables. It is the dipping bath with the smallest fill quantity on the market !

By application of e.g. Nature Seal®, other liquids or water soluable powders a prolongation of shelf life and, consequently, increase of product quality will be achieved.

Сноска: More Information

Only the Best is good enough ...

Vortex_Linie_GS10_GEWA3800BPLUS_K50_HalleLGV_R_h_rgb3bearb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


… true to this motto, „LGV Frischgemüse Wien“ supplies fresh vegetables and salads to its customer throughout Austria. Starting June 2013, the company will offer freshcut salads which will be produced in a newly built production facility near Vienna.

We have made the decision to invest in a professional salad processing line from Kronen. Characteristics like innovative machine technology, solution-focused know-how and the excellent quality really convinced us." says LGV-Director Mag. Gerald König.

Delivery of the complete processing line includes a belt cutting machine GS 10, a washing machine GEWA 3800B PLUS, a Vortex-line and 3 spin dryers K50-100S. In this combination, approx. 800 kg / h of various salads will be processed:

  • Belt cutting machine GS 10: Trimming + slicing of salad (for various mixed salads)
  • Washing machine GEWA 3800B PLUS: Gentle washing of freshcut salad, lamb's lettuce as well as whole-leaf Lollo rosso and Lollo verde
  • Vortex-Line: For final treatment stage - The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed products. (Length of tube system: 71 m, dwell time of products: approx. 120 sec.)
  • Spin dryer K50-100S: Gentle spin drying of salads
  • Various, efficient accessories such as trimming table, basket carrousel, infeed and outfeed conveyor belts are optimally integrated and, therefore, a fully continuous operation is ensured.

On-site installation of the salad processing line (picture 1 + 3) Mr.. S. Graicher + Mr. Lunzer, Production Mgr. LCG + LGV, in the centre of the picture Mr. J. Günther, Sales Director KRONEN (picture 2)

Process automation for complex lines

Prozessvisualisierung_Linie_S_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


A standardized KRONEN central control system is now available offering an optimal cost-to-benefit ratio.

For use in networked processing lines the central control provides many advantages:

  1. These process visualisation components allow to promptly locate maintenance messages or error messages.
  2. In case of product queuing, the system automatically stops upstream machines and avoids the waste of valuable raw material.

'Antique' KRONEN GS 10 machine shines in a 'new light'

GS10 cutting machine   a f t e r  restauration - like new! | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Beginning of this year, a fully operational cutting machine GS 10 - 20 years old - has been thoroughly inspected, maintained and repaired by our customer service center.

This machine provided 20 years of reliable service, thus proving the high quality and longevity of our KRONEN machines. The general overhaul carried out by the KRONEN service team turns what is old into something "like new" - well prepared for the challenges of the next years and decades!

KRONEN Food Calendar 2013

KRONENKalender2013_Deckblatt | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Hot off the press KRONEN presents its own annual calendar 2013.

KRONEN is a world-famous manufacturer of high-quality machines for processing of lettuce, vegetables and fruit. It is only natural then that we present a calendar containing delicious recipes made primarily from vegetarian products, with ideas for the year.

Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner have created exquisite meals with seasonal ingredients that are certain to delight your taste buds.

Jörg Wilhelm’s photography makes for a perfect presentation of the results. The depiction of fresh products once again demonstrates the fresh spirit, enthusiasm and creativity of our engineers in developing solutions for the requirements of our customers – which we have proven day after day for the past 30 years.

The new KRONEN calendar 2013 can be purchased from now on at EUR 19,50plus forwarding expenses. (Mail to: info@kronen.eu)

Starting in January 2013 we will publish the creative recipes in our monthly newsletter.

Сноска: Please register here!

Subjects, perspectives, impulses - successful KRONEN customer days!

SN100_Kundentag_Sept2012_P_o_rgb1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


More than 150 participants from more than 30 countries around the world came together at the international Kronen representation conference on 26 and 27 September which has been followed by an open customer day on 28 September 2012.

Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director, and his team presented novelties and also well proven products to the national and international experts for salad, vegetable & fruit processing.

At the company-owned show room and production plants a special focus has been given to live demos of preparing, peeling, cutting, washing, drying and packaging of food going together with optimized customer specific solutions. It was with great interest that the customers took the opportunity to learn how to improve quality of their products, to increase efficiency of production and, finally, how to increase marketing success.

Particular applications and special presentations have been, e.g.:

  • Presentation of the new belt cutting machine GS 20 and new technologies for exact cutting of fruits and vegetables with GS 10 TTS
  • Efficient preparation of salads with minimal manpower requirement with TT 450 Top & Tail-machine
  • Presentation of the redeveloped dicing and strip cutting machine KUJ with new features
  • Washing and germ reduction technologies with Vortex-line
  • WMS Waste Management Solutions
  • Basic and function of a measuring and dosing system on a KRONEN GEWA washer
  • Processing line for peeling long products such as cucumber, carrots, asparagus with TMS-Solo-line
  • Foodlife SDS 5000, Flexfill 200, salad trimming
  • Basics and more on weighing and packaging: vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines
  • Processing fruit into high-quality, „ready-to-eat“ portions with an optimum shelf life – Mango peeler FP 20
Presentations and lectures of renowned Kronen cooperation partners complemented the program.

In addition to the numerous, fruitful dialogues Kronen maintained customer relations and presented himself as a good host inviting their guests to special evening events in the local holiday region.

On the whole, Stephan Zillgith reached an entirely positive conclusion: „The Kronen customer days were an outstanding success. We are very pleased that we were approached by many customers highly interested in our technique. We have given current insights into our company and its diversity, innovation, capability and reliability“.

In keeping with tradition, the Kronen employees and their families have benefited from the good deal of intensive preparation one day after. More than 180 visitors enjoyed the popular Kronen family day watching the live demos, touring the plant and having fun with the very attractive children’s program (such as ballon race, face painting, cream-cake-sling and many more…).

The extremely positive feedback of all participants confirmed that Kronen is on the right track with the annual Kronen Customer Days.

VORTEX-line for germ reduction + prolongation of shelf life of fresh-cut products

Vortex_ohne_GEWA_geteilt_R_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The Vortex line has been developed for the final treatment of vegetables (including leaf salads and root products) and fruit (e.g. apples, grapes).

The line features a tubular system with infeed and discharge openings. The pre-cleaned products (fruit or vegetables) are transported into a hopper. Rotating nozzles located at the side gently and reliably flush the products into the system. The product is conveyed with water through the entire length of the tube and finally discharged. The products are moved on to a transport or vibration belt via a water slide. For germ reduction purposes and for enhancing the quality and shelf life of the products, chlorine dioxide or antioxidants can be added to the flushing water. The required contact time can be adjusted and controlled via the flow rate.

As all KRONEN-machines and lines, the Vortex-line is constructed in a very solid way and, therefore, particularly suitable for operation under very difficult conditions.

Optional dosing station: to dose and control a suitable additive for product treatment in the water cycle

With a major order from a renowned European salad processing company, KRONEN can celebrate another success for its international growth strategy. Actually, the 4 Vortex washing lines have been delivered to the major customer mid July 2011.

Сноска: mehr Informationen

NEW: Automatic KRONEN Weighing Belt System!

Wiegebandanlage für das exakte Herstellen von Salatmischungen | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN sustains growth momentum:

Two renowned German salad processing companies already benefit from the innovative KRONEN washing and processing technique in combination with the newly developed automatic weighing belt system. Last Autumn the complete lines have been supplied to allow customers a precise, continuous and automatic dosing of salad and cabbage; a thorough blending of the products takes place in the following GEWA washing machine,

Mainly Iceberg, Frisee, radicchio and other leafy lettuces with capacities of 1300 - 1400 kg per hour are processed adding a mixture of 5 - 45 % (depending on produce). Dosing sliced cabbage but also other products such as carrot sticks, shall be provided automatically always in the same mixture ratio. The advantages are obvious: Automatic operation and, thereby savings in personnel, continuous weighing process without belt stop on mainproduct, storage of production data (statistics), etc.

Managing Director Stephan Zillgith explains the function of this advanced weighing belt technology:

“The master belt (weighing belt at main line) is weighing the main product and providing the mixture quantity to the second weighing belt. Via touch panel recipes can be selected, stored and managed. Daily output quantities, batch quantities, backwards counter and plain text error messages are also displayed. Stand-alone-operation and cleaning mode has been considered as well. The weighing belts with buffer belt will be controlled by a separate switch box. The filling level of the buffer belt will be monitored by an optic sensor and the operating status.

All important production data can be stored on a CF-card directly via touch panel. Actual data can be monitored on a PC and further processed for e.g. compilation and administration of recipes, etc.“

Autumn Customer Days at KRONEN: 20-22 October 2011

TT450_Kundentag_Sept2010_P_o_bearb_rbg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Autumn Customer Days at KRONEN – Insight in a German company of top technology

We have pleasure in inviting all customers and interested processors to our premises in Kehl.

We are sure that we can demonstrate many interesting KRONEN novelties coming along with presentations of some of our system partners (dosing technology, packaging machines,Nature Seal® - shelf -life extension technolgy, hygiene and cleaning, etc.

We present following machines:

  • GEWA 3850 T PLUS Washing machine

    for raisins and dried fruits

  • TT 450 Top & Tail Machine

    perfectly suited for coring lettuce with flat stem (e.g. Frisee, Endive/Escarole, Romaine/Cos) and cutting leaf tips

  • FLOW Packaging machine (GKS) -

    the next generation vertical form, fill and seal machine - with intuitive graphical user interface, automatic marker and print adjustment, etc.

  • UP 300 "Maxvac" Vacuum-Packaging machine (GKS)

    vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine with patented vacuum mechanism

  • Flexfill

    volume based dosing of different products, combinable with weighing system, infeed system by tray denester and chain belt

  • Central control panels & weighing belts for complete processing lines
  • Vortex-Line

    Washing and germ reduction technolgies for fresh cut products

  • AS 16 Apple processing in industrial scale
  • GS 10-TTS Belt cutting machine

    exact cutting of fruits and vegetables

  • CABRO Floretting machine

    for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower while cutting them into nice florets, coring of Iceberg lettuce

  • and many more !

Поставка 4-х линий VORТЕХ клиенту из Англии

VORTEX Waschanlage mit Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Поставкой 4-х комплектных линий VORТЕХ известному предприятию по переработке листовых салатов в Англии фирма KRONEN может подтвердить дальнейший успех в международной стратегии роста. Линии VORТЕХ отправлены в середине июля 2011 на предприятие клиента.

Новая Vortex-Линия от KRONEN разработана для последующей дополнительной обработки овощей (листовые салаты, корнеплоды) или фруктов (яблоки, виноград и др.).

Благодаря этой обработке значительно снижается бактериальная обсеменность продукта и как следствие - увеличивается срок хранения и качество продукта.

Принципипиальное устройство линии: это система труб (Ø 150 мм) с устройством для ввода продукта и выхода продукта. Предварительно очищенный продукт подается через воронку в систему труб, продукт проходит через всю систему и потоком воды выносится на вибрационное устройство для удаления влаги. Время нахождения продукта в системе фиксированно и составляет 1-3 минуты.

Система компактна и легко комбинируется с с любой линией по переработке и мойке салатов. Все содинения труб-разъемные, для облегчения процесса мойки и чистки системы.

Как принято у KRONEN - эта система тоже имеет солидное исполнение и она может работать и в тяжелых условиях.

Дополнительно: система дозирования Возможна устаонвка системы контроля содержания моющих присадок и регулировки их концентрации в моечной среде.

Сноска: Vortex

Gold-GS 10: Winnings information...

Nilofar Bijanfar bei der GS10-Losziehung zusammen mit den Geschäftsführern R.H. + S. Zillgith sowie Walter Raub (eidel + partner) | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


We are delighted about the resoundingly positive fair experience at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (9-11 February 2011)

The presentation of the 2011th GS10 "golden" belt cutting machine proved to be a special highlight. This machine - a multipurpose cutting machine for salads, vegetables and fruits has now been raffled among the participants.

The closing date was 31 March 2011. The very next day, the raffle took place at the KRONEN premises in Kehl am Rhein, under the supervision of Mr. Walter Raub of "eidel & partner, auditing company". The happy winner has been drawn by "Lady Luck" Nilofar Bijanfar:

Fa. Bördelagerhaus GmbH

Hr. Wilfried Kunze, in 39297 Kroppenstedt

We congratulate Mr. Kunze to his first prize!

We would like to thank all participants who took part in our exclusive price draw.

Сноска: more information to GS10

FRUIT LOGISTICA: join the big GS 10 price draw!

2011-te Gold-GS10-Bandschneidemaschine | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Just in time of the Fruit Logistica 2011 in Berlin KRONEN GmbH will have a big event to celebrate: the 2011th „Belt cutting machine GS 10“ – worldwide top selling belt cutting machine of its class – will be presented as GOLD model. In order to celebrate this success with their customers Kronen will raffle this machine.

The most successful, long performing „GS 10” its the ultimate all-purpose belt cutting machine. It is ideal for use in large kitchens, catering and industrial applications. With its revolving knife the GS10 achieves precise, consistent results. Due to the variable size adjustment of 1 to 50 mm with digital display, the GS 10 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

It is equipped with a new and user friendly program control; knife speed and conveyor speed are programmable and, moreover, up to 100 arbitrary memories are available.

The GS 10 slices delicate leaf-salad products and herbs like chives, dill, parsley, etc. It also grates and shreds raw vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread and many more products. Blade changes can be made fast and easy, the cut sizes can be adjusted via keypad. Capacity: up to 800 kg/h.

Special mention must be made of its varied fields of application in industrial environments with their specific demands. There is hardly any other machine on the market that has such a wide range of accessories such as knives, dicing & segmenting tools, infeed & outfeed belts, preparation tables, etc.

GS10 are in use worldwide, e.g. cutting seaweed on the Russian Sachalin-islands, dicing mangos in Thailand, slicing surimi and chicken meat for sandwiches in France, cutting chives into rings in Northern France and Israel, slicing salmon and herring into bites in Iceland, slicing pineapple in Indonesia, slicing radishes in China, and a series of other things.

With the new 2D-square cut knives the cutting quality and the cutting capacity are considerably improved: perfect square cuts of lettuce can be cut with this new knife. Chinese cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Romana, etc. can be processed up to 1000 kg. With its 1400 sold machines all over the world the GS 10 is the most sold machine of its class.

Based on the proven technique of the world wide most sold belt slicer GS10 the GS 10 TTS belt cutting machine has been developed to be able to control the cut size and minimize the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal out feed belt.

With measuring the product size the GS 10 TTS is able to eliminate waste on specific cuts and reduce it to a minimum on others. The cutting is controlled by a PLC and allows the machine to adjust the cut to the product size and the customer’s specification to achieve the minimum waste on applications like melon chunks, pineapple tid bits, chicken breast slices and many others.

The GS 10 TTS offers as well the possibility to Top & Tail product and even slice product at the same time to the customer’s specification.

If the special application of the GS 10 TTS is not needed the machine can in addition be used just as a standard GS 10 belt slicer to shred lettuce or carrots, to dice tomato or strip cut cucumbers. A variety of accessories like cutting discs, conveyor belts and trimming tables are available. The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin Kronen will be exhibiting some new machines as well as a wide range of its machine programme.

At stand A-07 in hall 3.1 customers and interested people can get a picture of the latest developments. Kronen will present improvements and novelties for increase in productivity and quality in the fields of process technology

  • CABRO SL Broccoli- & cauliflower floretting machine - NEW

    perfectly suited for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower while cutting them into nice florets

  • GEWA 3800V PLUS Paprika washing & sorting machine - NEW (Video)

    with automatic separation method for washing sliced paprika and sorting cores and kernels

  • TT 450 Top- & tail-machine - NEW (Video)

    for coring lettuce with flat stem and cutting leaf tips

  • GS 10 TTS Belt cutting machine with PLC

    controlling the cut size and minimizing the waste on product cut

  • AS 16 Apple peeling & slicing machine - NEW

    for peeling, slicing or segmenting & coring apples

  • FP 20 Mango peeler - NEW

    for peeling mangos according to the „economy peeling principle“ (reducing the waste rate considerably)

  • The SK 205 Peeling machine will get a new name: TMS 210.

    Effective immediately, it will be available in 3 versions:

    TMS 210-A: for peeling asparagus - NEW

    TMS 210-C: for peeling carrots and cucumbers - NEW

    TMS 210-Vario - NEW: for peeling asparagus, carrots and cucumbers and other long produce, equipped with 2 roller sets and 2 peeling sets

Сноска: more information to GS10

Washing & sorting of sliced paprika

PaprikaGEWA3800VPLUS_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


One of the strong points of KRONEN lie in its ability to respond to customer's individual requirements, implementing further developments and appropriate adaptions.

The latest innovation product is the PAPRIKA-washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS, it has been specially designed for washing sliced paprika and sorting cores and kernels.

Due to the automatic special separation method different kinds of paprika (diced or sliced) can be processed.

By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs. The machine can easily be adjusted, e.g. for various kinds of paprika. Furthermore, it can be used as a standard washing machine by easily lifting up the link conveyor. A production output of approx. 1500 - 2000 kg per hour can be processed.

The standard design of the paprika washing machine includes WMS and sand trap funnels.

As all KRONEN-machines and lines, the PAPRIKA-washing machine is constructed in a very solid way and, therefore, particularly suitable for professional operation under difficult conditions.

NEW : TT450 Top & Tail machine

Top- und Tail-Maschine TT450 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The newly developed top & tail machine TT 450 is perfectly suited for coring lettuce with flat stem (e.g. Frisee, Endive/Escarole, Romaine/Cos) and cutting leaf tips.

It allows - with a simultaneously improved yield of up to 6 % - a considerable increase in productivity by up to 110 % per person (Frisee and Endive/Escarole). The TT 450 is characterised by its easy-to-use-operation:

  • The operator (2 persons possible) places the lettuce heads onto the automatic infeed belt.
  • The lettuce will be transported to the cutting blades and is kept in place with down holders for a correct and soft product guiding.
  • The lettuce core and the leaf tips are cut in one pass, which might be necessary with dry leaf tips or brown discoloration. Length of stem (10-60 mm) and of leaf tips (120-450mm) can be variably set. You can choose both functions together or only the coring function.

Сноска: Mehr Infos zur TT450

Salad processing line with a capacity of up to 2t/h

Salatverarbeitungslinie zum Waschen, Schneiden und Trocknen von bis zu 2t/h Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In July 2010 KRONEN has installed the greatest salad processing line they have ever produced at a factory of the leading fast food-supplier in Turkey. This salad processing line washes, cuts, centrifuges and packages different salads (up to 2 to per hour). Further technical highlights of this line are:
  • Sand trap: this sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured.
  • Proportional product addition: the permanent weighing of the main product allows an adjustable addition of a second product at a ratio of 5 – 40% and thus provides automatic production of mixed salads.
With this salad line and its modern control technology, change of products and adjustment of product mix ratio, all this with a minimal staff employment, are a mere child’s play.

Сноска: Alle KRONEN-Linien

GEWA PLUS Waschmaschinen: NEU mit Sandfangtrichter

GEWA5000VPLUS_WMS mit Sandfang | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ab sofort sind die KRONEN GEWA PLUS Waschmaschinen mit einem neuen optionalen Sandfangbehälter erhältlich. Besonders sandhaltige Produkte wie z.B. Feldsalat oder Produkte wie Sprossen (Abtrennung von nichtgekeimten Samen) werden durch diese sinnvolle Ergänzung effizient und schonend gewaschen.

Die Sandfangbehälter können in 2 Versionen geliefert werden:

  • mit manueller Ablaufsteuerung: die Entleerung der Behälter wird durch das manuelle Öffnen des Kugelhahnventils ausgeführt
  • mit automatischer Ablaufsteuerung: die Entleerung der Behälter wird automatisch geregelt mittels einem Pneumatik-Ventil. Öffnungszyklus, Öffnunsdauer, usw. können im Schaltkasten eingestellt werden.
  • Prozesskostenoptimierung

    Mit diesem Sandfangbehälter können Sie bei gleichzeitiger Verbesserung der Produkt-Qualität und Verlängerung der Produkthaltbarkeit Ihre Prozesskosten optimieren:

    1. durch die 2-Zonen-Trennung (Waschtank / Sandfangtrichter) werden die Sand-/Feinteile aus dem Waschprozess entfernt
    2. Personalkosten werden reduziert durch den automatischen Wasserwechsel während des kontinuierlichen Waschprozesses
    Alle KRONEN GEWA PLUS Waschmaschinen können im Hause KRONEN auch nachträglich mit dem Sandfangtrichter ausgestattet werden.

    FRUIT DAYS at KRONEN / 17th - 19th May 2010

    Obsttage bei Kronen - Mai 2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    No elaborate entertainment programme – but rather a great deal of substance:

    At Kronen the fruit days took place from 17 – 19 May 2010 for the first time. Many German and international customers followed the invitation to look closely at the various processing possibilities of fruits on the newly designed fruit processing machines.

    In the spacious show room flooded with light, Kronen presented and demonstrated the functionality of their latest and innovative machines and solutions live:

    • The automatic apple peeler AS 16 – for peeling, slicing or segmenting & coring of up to 2000 apples per hour. This machine is perfectly suited for processing a wide size range of apples (60 – 120 mm diameter). In particular tooling can be changed easily and quickly. As usual, this robust Kronen machine has been conceived caring specially about simple maintenance, easy and efficient cleaning and, therefore, is best suitable for professional applications.
    • The automatic orange peeling machine CS XL – for peeling, coring and top & tail, as well as slicing and cutting of rings of up to 1400 oranges per hour. The CS XL guarantees an optimal quality of the oranges. Peeling depth and product sizes can be set very precisely and individually by a special sensor technology, measuring accurately each fruit and thus minimizing the peeling waste. This machine enables fruit suppliers to deliver fresh cut oranges to supermarkets and canteens.
    • The well-proven belt cutting machine GS 10 – equipped with an innovative special control for a precise waste-free cutting of fruits (like melons and pineapples) due to a sensor driven measuring of the fruit and a variable cutting speed. Depending on the setting of the machine approx 30 – 50 fruits (depending on size) can be processed per minute. By means of a segmenting device the fruits can be cut in bite-sized pieces. Furthermore, the GS 10 has been presented with a new horizontal outfeed belt for a gentle and clean delivery of the cut products.
    • The new special cutting machine Tona S180K for fruits and vegetables.This special cutting machine with a processing capacity of 1.200 pcs/h is the compact and little sister of the proven Tona Rapid (capacity: 4 800 pcs/h). Products like apples, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and many more can be cut into perfect segments, slices, sticks and figurines. As a standard, the Tona S180K is supplied with a mobile trolley. Outfeed belts with or without product waste separation (e.g. apple cores) are available as optional extras.
    Host Stephan Zillgith offers a positive summary: „The event was a great success. We are particularly pleased that we were approached by many customers highly interested in the newly presented machines and the numerous and fruitful dialogues.“

    NEW : TONA S180K special cutting machine

    TonaS180K_NEU_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN has launched in the market the Tona S180K vegetable and fruit processing machine as a real product innovation.

    This special cutting machine with a processing capacity of 1.200 pcs/h is the compact and little sister of the proven Tona Rapid (capacity: 4 800 pcs/h). Products like apples, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and many more can be cut into perfect segments, slices, sticks and figurines.

    Simply place the fruit and vegetables on the machine, the pulse operated turntable will feed automatically the product beneath the pusher.

    The Tona S180K is equipped with proven blue centring fingers (on 16 standard product holders), fruits and vegetables are gently fixed in the centre of the holder. Only 1 cutting insert and 1 pusher are required for processing which represents an important benefit.

    A multitude of cutting inserts is available for a great variety of cutting forms:

    • segmenting, wedging and slicing
    • 2- to 24-dividers with and without centering spike
    • grid cutter for sticks
    • many other special inserts are available on request
    As a standard, the Tona S180K is supplied with a mobile trolley.

    Due to the solid and robust construction the Tona S180K is perfectly suitable for professional applications.

    Время удаления влаги с консервированных продуктов значительно сокращается

    K50-7S_100S_Zentrifuge_offen_M_h_rgb_h268 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    „K50 и Eco Центрифуги“ - для удаления влаги с различных овощей и фруктов, как лук-порей, паприка, морковь, огурцы, грибы, кусочки ананаса и др. Для основательного удаления влаги с хрустящих салатов, как айсберг, полевой и др. и бережного удаления влаги с нежных зеленных культур. При производстве деликатесов значительно снижается время удаления влаги с консервированных продуктов, как крабовые палочки, кусочки ананаса, грибы, рыбная икра и др. Центрифуги модели Eco оснащаются двигатем с числом оборотов корзины 600 об/мин и 900 об/мин с крышкой из плексигласа. Центрифуги К50 оснащаются двигателями с 7 различными скоростями, с беступенчатой регулировкой оборотов, с прямой крышкой из плексигласа, со скошенной крышкой из нержавеющей стали. С помощью програмирования (число оборотов + продолжительность цикла). Центрифуга К50-100S позволяет подобрать оптимальный режим обработки для различных продуктов. Гарантируется удобное обслуживание и чистка центрифуги. Принадлежности: Карусель для корзинсвязующее звено между моечной машиной серии GEWA и KRONEN-Центрифугой. Карусель для корзин обеспечивает бесперебойную работу линии, упрощает замену корзин при наполнении их продуктом и улавливает переизбыток продукта в ванне из нержавеющей стали.

    Машина KUJ режет нежные продукты

    KUJ_Wuerfelschneider_neu_ M_o_rbg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
    inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KUJ_Wuerfelschneider_ mitFrequenzumrichter_M_f_rbg_5077.png&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KUJ_mitFrequenzumrichter_Schaltkastenpanel_228x268_M_o_rgb_6226.jpg&w=220&h=2200


    KUJ - машина для нарезки кубиков и палочек“ - режет соломки и палочки от 2х2 до 20х20мм и кубики от 3х3х3 до 20х20х20 с хорошим качеством нарезки (до 3000 кг/час). Можно нарезать даже лук, паприку, томаты, цуккини. Наряду с крупными кубиками из яблок, дынь, колбасы, бетчины можно нарезать и мелкие кубики 3х3х3мм из различных овощей. Мы комплектуем KUJ с частотным преобразователем, для установки 7-й различных скоростей для бережной нарезки таких продуктов, как клубника или вареный картофел, свекла. Возможна волнистая нарезка.

    GS10 с новым пультом управления.

    GS10_Bandschneidemaschine_Bedienfeld_neu_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    GS10 - универсальная машина для нарезки салатов и овощей“. Она идеально подходит для больших кухонь, кэтеринга производства. GS10 имеет очень хороший подвод продукта к режущему инструменту. За счет беступенчатого изменения скорости подачи возможна нарезка 1-50мм длины. На выставки Anuga 2009 была продемонстрирована машина GS 10 с новым пультом управления - где можно програмировать до 100 различных программ (скорости ленты и ножа). Паприка - тонкие полоски Огурцы - соломкой, кубиком или шайбами волнистая нарезка, -всё это возможно нарезать до 800 кг/час. Листовые салаты - пластинками - до 1.000 - 1.400 кг/час - китайская капуста.


    Das neue Ersatzteillager in der neuen KRONEN-Halle | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    11.09.2008 после пятимесячного строительства было справлено новоселье нового производственного помещения (в рамках проведения концерта поп-классической музыки. Формата Пиано Вокал). Новое производственное помещение было передано руководителем строительной фирмы Силтыией Рендлер (Sylvija Rendler) владельцам Рудольфу и Штефану Цилльгит символическим ключём.